„If I had asked people

what they wanted,

they would have said

faster horses.“

Henry Ford (1863-1947)

"Performance meets quality"

When looked at mathematically, a product is the result of the multiplication of several factors. Each individual factor contributes a decisive element to the final result. If one of the factors is negative, then the final result is also negative.

Quality, performance and straightforward operation

Back in the 1980’s the main aim of the company’s founder, Siegfried Grassinger, was to create a high-quality product. Quality comes first. Performance and straightforward operation are other important features which make TALON products distinctive.

The slogan “Performance meets Quality” has therefore become the most important aim of our company in the Odenwald.

“Our high level of customer retention is a result of our high expectations of quality, which we have only been able to maintain due to our high speed innovation and the close cooperation of our suppliers and partners over many years” explains Siegfried Grassinger.

Obviously we also have the highest  expectations of quality from our suppliers. Some of them have worked with us for the last 25 years. Their high levels of flexibility mean that we are able to deliver replacement and supplementary parts very quickly. This is also very important for our company.

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