TALON -  products by professionals, for professionals

TALON is a specialist in all things connected to windscreen repair. This specialisation can be summarized in three areas.

  Sales support, displays and marketing materials

  Laminated windscreen removal tools and connected materials
and accessories

  Windscreen repair systems that cater for the various high demands 
of tradeand professional car repair workshops

A range of products for today and tomorrow

This means that even in the future the range of products provided by TALON will be exclusively connected to the specialist field of laminated windscreen repair.

All the products from TALON are tailored to our customers’ needs. All our systems are sold exclusively either by tool wholesalers or automobile manufacturers. As a matter of course the make-up, paintwork, labelling and composition of all the parts and accessories are individually matched to their needs.

Use our individual on the spot customer advice service

We are only too happy to provide in-depth advice about this topic to interested customers. We can show you the possibilities and provide you with examples.

And, of course, we can come to you. Just ask us or send us a short enquiry.

„The biggest enemy of quality is haste.“

Henry Ford (1863-1947)

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