„Everything can always
be done better than
it is being done“

Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Over 25 years of chipped windscreen repair

Whilst nowadays there are almost daily adverts for it on TV and radio, 25 years ago the repair of damaged laminated glass was almost unimaginable.

At that time it was mainly specialised companies that dealt with the replacement and repair of laminated windscreens. However, technical advances and reduced investment costs brought about change. Today almost every professional motorcar repair shop offers a windscreen repair service.

First German manufacturer of laminated windscreen repair systems

The repair systems and the materials they use have been optimised and simplified step by step. As the first German manufacturer of tools for the repair of laminated glass, the name of TALON has played a major role in this field from the very beginning.

“Made in Germany” – from Fürth to more than 30 countries

With our highly demanding quality standards and ongoing innovation, TALON has been true to the reputation that comes with the label “Made in Germany”.

Tools produced by TALON are now being used in more than 30 countries.

As well as our laminated glass repair systems, since 2012 our range of products also includes windscreen removal tools and supplementary accessories.

Windscreen removal systems, displays and sales support materials

As well as tools we also offer displays and sales support materials to enable easier conversations with customers. Training in both the use of the products as well as in how to market them complete the service we offer and provide the best possible basis both for mechanics and customer service advisors.

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