„The biggest enemy of quality is haste“

Henry Ford (1863-1947)

TALON windscreen removal tool

With the TALON windscreen removal tools it is possible to remove windscreens in just a few minutes without damaging the vehicle. The innovative tool construction means that just one person can operate it and the tool only needs to be repositioned four times  to remove the windscreen.

Special removal cord removes the risk of damage to the paintwork

The TALON tools use a high-strength, plastic removal cord, which has been specially designed for this purpose. This means that not only is there no risk of damage to the paintwork, but also the risk of injury is minimised.

An overview of the advantages

  Paintwork protecting windscreen removal using special, high-strength
removal cord.

  Minimal injury risk

  Simple and quick operation by just one person

  Minimal physical effort needed due to the use of a standard electric screw driver

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